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Nikki Aubuchon Bamert


Nikki started practicing yoga in 2013. She was dragged there kicking and screaming by a friend to whom she is endlessly grateful. She considered herself a yoga neophyte but enjoyed it enough to keep coming back to help her “get fit before 30” craze! Fast forward a few years, and she began working for a studio. Before long, she was enrolled in Yoga Teacher Training, and that was the final piece to the puzzle. Nikki is an E-RYT 500 certified instructor and is a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education provider. Nikki’s idea of a good time is good tunes, sweaty yoga, empowering energy, and chair pose!

Personal Mission Statement

I have personally experienced the transformative power of yoga. It is my mission to share opportunities with my students so that they might experience the physical and emotional growth possible while practicing yoga. By combining power vinyasa and good tunes, I set the stage for my students to flow into their own empowerment… And from there, lead happier and healthier lives which ultimately multiplies into a happier and healthier community and world.

Nadia Allmon


Nadia began her yoga journey in January of 2016. Her cardiologists had been advising her for years to try yoga in order to deal with her chronic condition. Finally, one day while lying in bed watching Friends re-runs with Girl Scout cookie crumbs all over her shirt, Nadia decided it was time to take control of her health. Not only did yoga make her feel stronger and healthier, but it transformed her heart and soul. She fell in love with the practice and enrolled in Yoga Teacher Transformation Training in 2017. As soon as she graduated in February 2018, she began teaching and falling more in love with the practice. Nadia has an RYT 200 certification through Yoga Alliance and teaches power yoga, gentle yoga, and leads meditation.  

Personal Mission Statement

I believe that I have the sacred responsibility to be a vessel of love for others through inclusion, service, and joy. I provide a nurturing space for all, so others can step into their own empowerment, freedom, and truth. My greatest joy is to reconcile students back to themselves and to their creator or their own divine. 

Holly Ingram

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Holly completed her 200hr RYT Vinyasa Teacher Training at YogaSport in Dallas. Her classes are powerful, joyful, and heartfelt; with a focus on linking our breath to a sequence of poses that help us shred layers physically, mentally and spiritually. She enjoys helping others get in tune with their bodies and is dedicated to self-care. She fell in love with yoga twenty years ago. The practice has helped her become stronger in many ways on and off the mat. Holly is a mother of two boys who love the outdoors and can often be found at the lake on paddle boarding adventures.

Makaela Covington

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Makaela stepped into her first yoga class about ten years ago with a best friend. After snickering about how funny they felt through the first few classes, she truly started to appreciate and fall in love with this practice that connects people to themselves and each other through breath and movement. Makaela knew she wanted to be a part of sharing this “yoga stuff” with as many people as she could. She finally got her RYT 200 certification from Community Yoga in 2019. Makaela loves sharing all that she has learned along this journey called life through the practice of yoga.

Personal Mission Statement

My mission as a teacher is to reach exactly who I am supposed to reach by being authentic. By encouraging my students and myself to show up no matter how messy it may be, to start again and again, we can breathe through anything. 

Amalia Balser

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Amalia is a Baptiste certified 200hr RYT. She initially sought out yoga to physically heal from muscle atrophy after being on total pregnancy bedrest for 2 months. She hated everything about it at first…the heat, the leggings, the unknown. She stayed in child’s pose for months quietly, and not so quietly, waiting. She fell in love with yoga when she realized that her mat would meet her exactly where she was at every time, without expectation; broken, bewildered, and an absolute mess. It became a safe space to move through the grief of losing her 3rd child and an outlet to restore her soul. Amalia looks at each practice as a celebration of life, of being enough exactly as you are that hour of the day. Celebrating the living, breathing thing that is yoga by exploring playful asana and sequencing. She is a proponent of a “choose your own adventure” practice where she often offers many different paths within the sequence, allowing the practitioner to explore and safely surprise themselves! She is fiercely protective of holding a compassionate space that allows every yogi to learn what is important and true to their own body and mind. Expect the unexpected!

Maren Ashby

Maren has been practicing yoga since 2003. She happened upon a hot yoga studio when she moved to Dallas. Although she wasn’t quite sure what she had gotten herself into at first, she fell in love with the practice almost immediately. Maren received her RYT 200 certification in 2017 and loves a playful, yet challenging flow.

Personal Mission Statement

I truly believe yoga is medicine. I strive to create a space for people to move, breathe, and just be…authentically themselves.

Alex Mizer

After years or ranch dressing, pizza, and beer in the late 90’s, UT college fun took a toll on my mind, body, and spirit. I decided to get in shape and tried my first yoga class at YogaVida Austin- a studio I still visit today 22 years later! I was hooked and still am…

I was married in 2005 and moved to a small town in south Texas. We were young and childless then. I was blessed enough to have the time to spend a month in training studying under Charles MacInerney and Ellen Smith in an ashram outside of Austin through the Living Yoga Program. No phones or electronics, all food was grown on the property; it was a truly amazing experience I will never forget. Following my certification, I was lucky enough to teach in Beeville, Austin, and eventually our permanent home of Tyler.

I have had so many yoga inspirations here… from Lisa Cuvelier to Tanya Wood, and the wonderful FLOW staff. I am excited to be with my yogi family. So many of you have been on your mats sharing in life’s journeys for more than a decade! I hope I can give back to you what you have given me.

Megann Hagmann

I like to say yoga found me right when I needed it. Naturally I was drawn to the physical practice, but soon found a mental clarity & inward shift that helped me grow through a difficult season in my life. After practicing for a year, I decided to attain my 200hr certification to deepen my practice & share my love of yoga to others.

My hope to students is to find their “strong” & empowerment in their practice. My niche is power yoga with an emphasis on mobility & functional movement while exploring unique circular transitions around the mat, leading students to a flow state of mind.

Jamie Markle


Jamie’s yoga practice began in 2007 after going through a tough breakup when one of her girlfriends begged her to go and swore she’d love it and find healing. At the end of that first yoga class she felt her jaw release a bit of trauma from an old childhood accident for the first time during savasana. She quickly realized that the practice is effective at assisting with all sorts of things in life, not just heartache. She began yoga teacher training in Northern Virginia in 2013, and immediately started teaching after graduation in 2014. She loves teaching different styles of yoga but her favorite is a challenging, sweaty vinyasa flow with cool, upbeat music that takes you around the mat and gets you out of your head.

Personal Mission Statement

I believe that yoga is meant for every body, and it’s my civic duty to hold an uplifting space in order to facilitate the connection between body and breath, especially in our digitally busy world. I strive to create an environment that encourages and reminds students that they are strong, capable, and limitless. The yoga mat is a place that students can come to, again and again, no matter where they are at in life or their practice to truly connect to themselves.

Kat Hammers

I’ve always dabbled in practicing yoga throughout my life, but I fell in love with yoga in 2019 after being talked into trying hot yoga at Community Yoga. After six years of racing triathlons, I became burned out mentally, emotionally, and physically, and my mind and body needed a change. After that first class, I felt an internal shift and loved how yoga challenged me physically, mentally, and emotionally. That day, I became obsessed with the mind-body connection, realized my passion lies in the fitness and wellness industry and decided to change careers at 39. I became a 200 HR certified yoga instructor in 2020 and taught yoga, spin, swimming, and personal training while working on an associate degree in Wellness and Exercise Science at TJC. After graduating from TJC, I transferred to UTT and am currently pursuing a Bachelor’s in Kinesiology with a Psychology focus. I’ve personally experienced how exercise is medicine and how the mind-body connection is healing by practicing yoga. I want to encourage all the components of wellness into daily practice with others and to provide a safe and welcoming environment for anyone wishing to explore the benefits of yoga, encouraging students to challenge themselves while being kind to themselves in moments of growth. At the same time, have a little fun in the process!

Mary Gauntt

Let’s give a flowbee welcome to Mary Gauntt! After practicing yoga for over a decade, Mary decided to pursue her 200 YTT training through Yoga X at Stanford University. She originally sought yoga for its physical benefits but over time realized its incredible depth and began to see changes in her ability to manage anxiety, to feel anchored during difficult seasons, and an overall attunement with herself that did not exist before. Her hope is to guide her students back to themselves using the ancient traditions and modern science of yoga. Her approach is holistic, light-hearted, and balanced.

Traci West


Traci has been practicing yoga for over five years. She came to yoga seeking to add the physical benefits to her athletic lifestyle. Along the journey, she found she kept coming back for the mental and spiritual peace that yoga brought to her life. Traci has her RYT 200 certificate and loves a practice with a twist.

Personal Mission Statement

By bringing mindfulness into the practice, I help create space for the mind and in the body for those who need to free up their minds, listen to their inner voice, and find wisdom. I offer alternatives to habitual ways of thinking, use breath and asanas to challenge and explore preconceived notions, while inviting students to see space for change and growth. 

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